Raw: 25th Anniversary



Twitter folks just joining, welcome. Are you ready?!

BREAK IT DOWN! Trips and HBK in the Manhattan Center!

Hahaha Shawn, "I used to be the boss of this group and now you're like the boss of everything".

Trips does the thank the fans thing, and more so than ever for those in the Manhattan Center given they've been a bit short changed tonight! Shout outs to Rude and Chyna, and the other 3 are due any moment.

ARE. YOU. READYYYYYYYY. Here's the Outlaws. The D-O-Double-G shakehips and watered down PG shizznit doggy style. But still, good as ever, "Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, children of all ages...".

X-Pac here too, and he's warbled on the mic badly. But he brings out Razor Ramon! [Point fingers on both hands and lean over to the entrance] Oh, and ads as he's walking out. Hmm.

Hey yo.

BALOR CLUB IS HERE! Business just picked up! Oh, just a Too Sweet for everyone. Now the Revival are out, no doubt here for a good beatdown and fed to every finisher to end the show.

Technically, it's Gallows and Anderson vs Wilder and Dawson. G&A pick up the quick win.

Here come the finishers.... X-Factor! Shake rattle and roll! Fameasser! Sweet Chin Music! Pedigree.