Raw: 25th Anniversary



And a big moment for Finn Balor! The icing on the cake, the Coup de Grace. A suck it from Billy Gunn. Nothing new and a bit tiresome. And lost in my world of euphoria, I've just realised I've forgotten the big man showdown, which is our real main event. Oh joy.

Think we've got a good old-fashioned brawl to end things tonight, but it all feels a bit meaningless. Angle about to introduce the three participants, Fleshlumpeater, Bloodbottler and Gizzardgulper.

Strowman out first, then Kane. Lesnar hits the ring and F5's Kane. Strowman brawls with him and tosses him over the barrier! Running powerslam by Strowman on Lesnar through the table!

Strowman stands tall at the end of Raw 25. ROARRRRRRRRRRR.

That's your lot folks, some enjoyable parts with all the legend returns etc but it wasn't really worth staying up for to be honest! Thank you all for reading and having fun with me. I've been Howard Crossland. We'll see you on Sunday night for the Royal Rumble. Goodnight everybody!