Bristol City
2 (3)

Man City
3 (5)



Good evening my fine young yeomen. Thomas Frost here to bring you the 2nd leg of the League Cup Semi Final between Bristol and Manchester's finest. Man City lead 2-1 despite a spirited effort by the Championship side.

Kick off is in just over half an hour so let's get you the team news...

Bristol City's XI:

Man City's XI:

Man City showing their Championship counterparts a lot of respect with that XI eh?! Anyways. See thee in a bit.

Something very strange going on in the crowd. The Bristol fans are waving flags that look like they're made out of coloured cellophane. Weird. Anyways, not long to go now.

With a couple of exceptions this is about as strong an XI as Man City could have fielded. Man City kick off.

Aguero wins an early corner. Stones fouls Brownhill and Bristol City breathe. Bristol City 0 Man City 0 (1)

Man City monopolising possession as expected as Bristol struggle to retain possession early. Bristol City 0 Man City 0 (3)

Paterson slips on the edge of the box, Sane's cross is squirted for a corner. Half cleared. Man City still have it. Bristol City 0 Man City 0 (4)