Angelique Kerber
6 6

Madison Keys
1 2



MUCH better point from Keys this time, pulling Kerber out wide, and then blasting a forehand winner into the space; 15-40. Good first serve; 30-40. Annnnd we're back at DEUCE thanks to a big backhand winner down the line.

Good return from Kerber, bringing up another BREAK POINT. Kerber guesses the direction right, and SHE BREAKS!

A perfect start from Kerber, can she keep riding the momentum?

Oooh, lovely backhand winner down the line from Keys; 0-15. Kerber nets; 0-30. An unforced error from Keys gets Kerber a point in this game; 15-30. A MASSIVE shot into the corner from Kerber, gets Keys out of position, and we're at 30-all.

A tiny bit of luck on the net cord from Keys, but I don't think it made a difference to the point; BREAK POINT. Kerber absorbing the pace well, and getting some luck herself! DEUCE.

Great hitting on the backhand from Keys; BREAK POINT. Keys fires long on the return; DEUCE.

Good serve from Kerber, and Keys can't keep the return in play; ADV Kerber. Lovely forehand down the line from Kerber, and she holds!

Beautiful forehand winner from Keys! 15-0. Kerber with the unforced error this time; 30-0. Lovely winner from Kerber off the serve; 30-15. 30-all...

Keys going for the dropshot, but Kerber is way too quick for that; BREAK POINT. A deep forehand from Kerber, and SHE BREAKS AGAIN!

Great shot from Kerber, going back behind Keys; 15-0. Another forehand winner from Kerber! She is FLYING! 30-0. AND ANOTHER! 40-0. AN ACE SEALS THE HOLD!