Angelique Kerber
6 6

Madison Keys
1 2



Solid first serve from Keys to get the point; 15-0. Followed by a lovely forehand winner; 30-0. Another good serve; 40-0. Annnd she's on the board!

Keys going for the pass, but it's into the net; 15-0. Keys flies long with the pass this time; 30-0. Double fault...30-15. Incredible defence from Kerber, and she eventually draws the error! 40-15. Keys returns into the net, and it's another hold for Kerber.

Gaaah, Keys starting her service game with a double fault; 0-15. Kerber nets; 15-all. Kerber goes for the pass, and Keys nets; 15-30. FABULOUS pass for Kerber; TWO SET POINTS.

Keys sends a forehand long, and Kerber takes the set in 22 minutes!

A better point from Keys, but Kerber still comes out on top with a fabulous pass at the net! 15-0. Kerber definitely did not mean to hit that there, but it lands IN! 30-0. Much better from Keys off the second serve; 30-15. Gaaaah, Keys going for a forehand winner down the line, but it's JUST long; 40-15. Keys nets, and Kerber gets the game.

Keys nets the forehand; 0-15. Double fault...0-30. Good first serve from Keys, and just what she needs! 15-30. Another error from Keys, and it's TWO BREAK POINTS.

Keys nets a backhand, and KERBER BREAKS!

Keys going for the backhand down the line, but she nets; 15-0. MUCH better point from Keys, and a lovely forehand down the line gets us to 15-all. Solid from Kerber at the net; 30-15. Keys nets again; 40-15. An uncharacteristic miss from Kerber; 40-30. But she follows it up with a lovely forehand winner, and gets the hold!

A FABULOUS lob from Kerber; 0-15. Lovely forehand winner from Keys, right into the corner; 15-all. VERY solid play from Keys at the net, pushing Kerber right back; 30-15. Another dropshot doesn't go Keys' way; 30-all.

Nice backhand down the line from Keys; 40-30. Followed by an INCREDIBLE return from Kerber; DEUCE.