Angelique Kerber
6 6

Madison Keys
1 2



Fabulous first serve from Keys; ADV. And a very solid second one, giving her the hold.

0-15... Kerber doing a great job of absorbing the pace, but she eventually fires wide; 0-30. Oooooh, a lucky net cord on the return, and it's THREE BREAK POINTS.

The dropshot from Keys does work this time, and we are BACK ON SERVE!

Ohhh dear, a Keys double fault; 0-15. Kerber fires long with the forehand; 15-all. Much better hitting from Keys now; 30-15. Keys going for broke on the backhand, but it's into the net; 30-all.

Gaaaaah, bad miss at the net; BREAK POINT.

Amazing defence from Kerber, and she BREAKS AGAIN!

Keys going long on the return; 15-0. Kerber is a WALL at the net in this point; 30-0. Good serve; 40-0. Fabulous net play from Keys, not letting Kerber away with the pass; 40-15. I think Kerber thought her shot was going out, but she works the rally, and gets the hold!

Keys to serve to stay in the match.

A backhand into the net to start the game; 0-15. Double fault...0-30. WHAT A LOB FROM KERBER! THREE MATCH POINTS!

A final backhand into the net from Keys, and that is an INCREDIBLY solid win for Kerber! She's through to the semi-finals!