Tomas Berdych
6, 3, 4

Roger Federer
7, 6, 6



Morning kids. @aidanleape here, sheltering from the heinous British weather, and cocooning myself in front of the TV, staring longingly at the sun. It's not just the weather I'm going to be staring at though, but also this Australian Open Quarter Final between Tomas Berdych and Roger Federer. Now, talk about that for a morning time treat.

Right then. Players in the tunnel. Very blue. Very industrial. All a bit much really. Like some back corridor on The Krypton Factor or something. Then down the industrial stair, as if we're entering a new zone on The Crystal Maze, and here we are. We're in. We're on. We're almost set to go.

Oh. You want some music before we kick off. How about Kermit The Frog having a bash at George Harrison?

Right. Enough of the messing. We're ready to go. 1st Set. Berdych to Serve. 0-0. Ready. Play.

Both players into the full range of shots early on, and some lengthy rallies too for us to get our teeth into. Ace down the centre line from Berdych sees him hold to 30. It doesn't sound that comfortable, but it looked it. You'll have to trust me on that. TB 1-0* RF

Federer once again wearing that crispest of white t-shirts with the diagonal and peach stripes. Gorgeous really Another thing to note early is that there is a great sound on court. Both of these players hit the ball really cleanly. The ball practically explodes off Berdych's forehand Anyway, back to the tennis, and break point Berdych. Second serve too. Unreturnable, poor shot from the Czech

So deuce then. That turns to advantage Federer with the tightest of baseline calls as Berdych went long. Good eyes from the chair umpire, whose instincts are proved correct by hawk-eye. Berdych then cannons a forehand to get us back to deuce, before in the next rally, Fed dumps on into the net. Second break point for Tomas.

Again a second serve on break point. This time Berdych gets into the rally. All very routine until Fed gets up on those tiptoes for the one handed cross court backhand. He's not middled that, and it skewes off his racket and wide. Early break for Berdych. *2- 0 He leads.


I have a feeling this one will be going all the way

That backhand falters again for Federer. Another one dumped into the middle of the net, and it's a swift hold for Berdych. And his serve never really came under any pressure either. Consolidated break, and a 3-0* lead.

Worrying times for Federer now. He's missed a fairly regulation forehand as he moves into the net to open up his service game. Nervous shuffles from the crowd. They don't seem to know what to emote. They seem to be emoting relief now though, as Fed hits down a couple of aces, and a couple of forehand winners too. He's off and away. *TB 3-1 RF