UEFA Nations League Draw



Morning all, Nick (@nickdougchenery) here! A bit of venture into the unknown today as we bring you live coverage of the new UEFA tournament held every two years which then links into the Euro 2020 qualifying process. All will be explained in due course.

How does the tournament work? International tournament scheduled for 6th September – 20th November 2018 (Group Stages) with the finals being held on 5-9 June 2019. A Round Robin format will be used and each League will be split into four groups of three or four teams.

The teams in League A will be the top 12 FIFA ranked teams including Germany and Portugal along with Spain, France, England, Italy and Iceland. These teams will compete to become Nations League Champions. 12 teams in Group B, 15 teams in Group C and 16 teams in League D. In League C, the three fourth placed teams and the lowest ranked third placed team will drop down to League D.

Nations League Finals in June 2019 consist of semi-finals, third place play off and final. The pairings will be drawn together. Nations League host will be selected in December 2018 from the four qualified teams. Outside of League A, teams will compete for promotion and relegation. Winners of League B, C and D will be promoted Last placed teams in A, B and C will be relegated.

Tournament is linked with Euro 2020 qualifying, providing teams with another chance to qualify. The main qualifying process will be run from March.- November 2019. Largely the same format but only 20 of the spots will be filled after qualification. The final four spots will come from the four group winners in the play offs in March 2020. Clear? Awesome. The draw will happen shortly.

We're starting with League D (the lowest ranked teams) Andorra are the first team out and will be in D1.

San Marino drawn out next and will be in Group D2.

Oh, hang on. Sky aren't showing the League D draw. Superb! I'll have the groups as soon as the draw has finished hopefully.

GROUP D has been finalised!

League C is coming right up. Jari Litmanen is drawing the balls out. Estonia is in Group C1.