Hyeon Chung
1 2 (Retired)

Roger Federer
6 5



Morning all. @aidanleape here for the seconds Men's Semifinal at the Australian Open. And once again, it's a Grand Slam perennial against a surprise newbie. Hyeon Chung taking on Roger Federer for the right to play Marin Cilic on Sunday.

Players on the court and set to get warmed up, so I can tell you about our magical plans today. Well, they're not that magical actually. They're the same as yesterday. Just in reverse. So I'll be taking you through to 10am British Time, and, assuming everything isn't all sorted by then, I'll then hand over to the much more capable Sue Revell to take this match to a conclusion.

Should also say, it's absolutely teeming it down in Melbourne. More like Manchester really. That means that the roof is closed. And invariably, that probably means advantage Federer.

Right then. Here we go. Roger won the coin toss and has elected to receive. So it's Chung with the balls. Ready. Play.

Ooft. Good start this. Chung and Federer trading cross court forehands on the second point of the match. And indeed it was Chung who prevailed. However, he's under an little bit of pressure early on. He's netted and gone long. Make that a lot of pressure. Long again. Two break points immediately for Federer.

Chung saves the first break. Got Federer on the move nicely and never allowed the Swiss to settle, or come into the net. Can he save the second? Yes. Federer trying to thump one up the line, and it's into the top of the net and down. Deuce.

Third break point for Federer now though, as he returns right onto the baseline. Perfectly placed. Almost lands under the shoes of Chung it was that deep. Second serve on Break Point three. Thrashing return from Federer. Chung chips it back in. Forehand again Fed. CHUNG INTO THE NET. Break. The earliest of breaks. HC 0-1 RF*

Federer with one of those hawkeye calls where you just chortle to yourself. First serve was in by the width of a butterflies wing. But that's all it needed to be to give him the ace. Not having this game all his own way though. Chung crashes a forehand down the line. Not a single move from Roger. Deuce.

Advantage Chung now after Fed splays a cross court forehand wide of the mark. This break point chance coming on a second serve too. Into the rally we go. And Chung splays the cross court forehand wide of the mark too. Deuce.

Wow. One of those shots that just brings a roar from the crowd. Chung into the net and ready to volley. Roger does the only thing that will beat him. Backhand off the net cord, which whips the ball over Chung's racket and past. Fed then holds with a regulation forehand down the line. By no means a regulation hold though. *HC 0-2 RF