Aleksandr Usyk v Mairis Briedis



HELLO BOXING FANS! It's I, Roddy Graham, for the first time in a very long time to bring you some LIVE fight action. It's the World Boxing Super Series first semi-final between Aleksandr Usyk and Mairis Briedis. It's only live on ITV Box Office and after a while getting it set up I have it working on my big screen. LET'S DO THE BOXING!

This is, of course, in the cruiserweight division - you all knew that, I know you're an educated bunch! - and sees two undefeated fighters go head to head to claim a spot in the Super Series final. Usyk stopped Marco Huck in the 10th round last September to make it through, while Briedis outpoined Mike Perez in his quarter final. Usyk comes in as favourite - but I'm expecting a close fight. Let me know your thought in the comments.

Alistair Sargent

I fancy a late stoppage or quite routine unanimous decision for Usyk. I like Briedis but Usyk is just too good. Should be an excellent fight though. Gutted to be missing it live. Thankfully BTM never lets you down!

Roddy Graham

Well if TV Player doesn't sort itself out you might well miss it...buffering at present!

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ITV Box Office currently showing some footage of the two fighters entering the arena in Riga. It's not quite got the drama of a Eddie Hearn attraction. Let's just say I hope the boxing itself has more sparks as I may be asleep by round two if not...DULL!

Wladimir Klitschko is speaking to the WBSS interviewer from inside the arena. It may not actually be him though as it sounds like Sacha Baron Cohan as Borat. He's exaggerating every single word that he's saying in English. Very Partridge-esque.

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION O'CLOCK! To be honest, the pre-fight light show is my favourite part of the WBSS. If you've not seen it before, it's basically a bunch of lights that fill the arena before shining down as a circle on the ring. Nothing majorly impressive, but still better than anything you see pre-fight on Sky/BT.

HAHAHAHAHA! They can't even afford Jimmy Lennon Jnr for this one. Some long-hair, pony-tailed hipster in a tux doing the name calling tonight. What a fraud show this is. Calls it "the greatest show the Baltics have ever witnessed". Pffffft. They've held Eurovision there before pal.

Mairis Briedis is first to make his way to the ring. He's got a massive tattoo on his right chest. It looks like something a four-year-old draws at their first day of nursery and their parents stick on their fridge for a full 3 days before binning it and imagining it never existed.

And now the turn of Aleksandr Usyk. Some score on Scrabble that name. Imagine getting triple word score for that?! He also has tattoos and now I know why I didn't make it as a boxer because I have none. Well that and the fact that I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag.

Some noise in Riga. Probably only going to get louder with the playing of the national anthems. Swear down, I don't think I've ever heard the Latvian national anthem before. SPOILER It's awful.

The Ukrainian anthem isn't much better. I've not idea what the words are either but one line sounded like they were saying "horse cocker" whatever the hell that means. Weird bunch those eastern Europeans...