Marin Cilic
2 7 3 6 1

Roger Federer
6 6 6 3 6



Morning all! Is it really that time already? We're about ready for first grand slam final of the year. It's Roger Federer vs Marin Cilic for the 2018 Australian Open title.

I'm Hannah and I'll be taking you through the first couple of sets, before Anna sees you through to the end. The players have just walked out on court.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

Morning Hannah!

So, what's the story here? Federer is in search of his 6th Australian Open title, 20th(!!) overall. A win for Cilic would be his second grand slam title, his first of course being that US Open win in 2014. These two faced each other in the Wimbledon final last year. Neutrals will be hoping for a better match than that, Federer fans will be happy with much the same. Head to head is 8-1 to Fed.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

Please let it be better than that!!

Hannah (@hannakin__)

Fingers crossed!

Here we go then, Cilic won the coin toss and elected to serve... Starting off with a couple of quick points, service winners, and Cilic can't make anything off a deep Federer return to the corner, 30-15. Another error on the second shot, then Federer takes a couple steps into the court and swipes a backhand return away for the winner. BREAK POINT FEDERER.

Late call on a cross court backhand, Cilic challenges and...yep, just dropped on the line. But no matter, FEDERER BREAKS! Federer gets across the baseline to a Cilic forehand down the line, and gets enough on it to lob it. It's an awkward height and Cilic sends his overhead crashing into the net.

Two 1-2 points to start things offer for Federer. Make that 3. Serve and volley, Cilic is anticipating it and gets out wide, but can only plant his half volley into the net. Another serve-forehand winner and that's the hold and the break consolidated in little over a minute. The word you're looking for is Ominous.

Oh boy. This is turning into a horror start for Cilic. Loooong on the attempted pass, 0-30. He's trying to slow things down by changing rackets in the middle of the game, but on the next point goes well long on a cross court forehand. THREE BREAK POINTS FEDERER.

First saved. Down the line backhand, then again to the same place with Federer covering the opposite side. But FEDERER BREAKS. Another unforced error, another backhand cross court sails out. Federer leads 3*-0 with the double break in the first set.

Cilic looking for the down the line forehand winner. It's wide. Brutal forehand rally between the two, you can just hear the shots getting bigger and bigger as the rally goes on. Federer places one on the stretch for Cilic, who nets. 40-0, Cilic gets on the board with a cross court winner. Federer looking for the serve and volley, Cilic has the passing angle, but finds the net. Hold. 4-0*.

A very welcome first ace of the match for Cilic puts him up 30-0. Mishit on a cross court backhand, 30-15. Oh that's insane athleticism from Federer. No man in his late 30s should be doing that. Across to cover a deep Cilic forehand, gets a great angle on what should be a defensive shot, and then back across for the next forehand to force Cilic to net. 30-30.