Marin Cilic
2 7 3 6 1

Roger Federer
6 6 6 3 6



Hawkeye gives Cilic a hand, calls his serve just in to send us back to deuce. Long return from Federer, AD Cilic. A groan from the crowd as Cilic, with the winner on his racket, blasts his forehand down the line into the net. Deuce. Long return again from Roger, AD Cilic. Again, Cilic can't finish things off. He's sailing too close to the lines. Deuce.

AD Cilic, but another one of *those* Federer backhand return winners brings it right back to deuce again. Federer constructing a nice point, putting Cilic on the defensive, but his final cross court forehand pings up off his racket and wide. AD Cilic. Backhand into the net, Cilic holds! Early days in the second set but that's a big big hold for Cilic. 2-1*

Nice cross court rally to open up Federer's next service game, and it's Cilic who comes out on top with a cross court forehand winner leaving Federer stuck on his toes. Federer firmly closes the door to any Cilic ideas though, three quick points for the hold to 15. 2-2.

Cilic in at the net, twice thumps down the overheads, twice Federer improbably manages to get a racket to them to keep the ball in play. Cilic eventually decides to take one on the bounce and controls it out of Federer's reach. 15-15. Error on the second shot from Cilic for 15-30, quickly corrected with big serve out wide. 30-30.

It's a crucial point, and as so often with these crucial points it's Federer who makes the play. Roger steps out wide to a serve and guides his forehand return down the line and into the corner. BREAK POINT.

Saved with a strong serve, and another flies over the court for AD Cilic. ACE. Hold. Cilic up 3-2* in the second set.

Tidy serve and volley from Federer, 30-0. Service winner for 40-0, and an ace right down the middle to bring up yet another hold to love. 3-3. Federer just asked 'How many games have we played?'. He really is on an island by himself in these matches.

Anna Logue

I was wondering what he'd said to the umpire!

Cilic getting a bit more vocal these last couple games. Long forehand from Federer for 40-15, and a quick hold for Cilic is sealed with an ace. 4-3* second set.

Federer lays down the first double fault of the match (from either player) to keep Cilic in touch at 30-30. He immediately corrects that though, an ace for 40-30. Very deep on the second shot forehand from Federer, but it does drop onto the baseline and on we go. Rapid fire on a forehand rally, until Cilic sends one flying down the line and past the baseline. Hold to 30, 4-4 second set.

Cilic up 30-15, but needs to be a bit careful now. He looks to shorten a point with a down the line backhand, but it's out all the way for 30-30. Oh that's gorgeous. Federer forehand down the line, straight as an arrow past Cilic. BREAK POINT FEDERER.