Marin Cilic
2 7 3 6 1

Roger Federer
6 6 6 3 6



Morning everyone, it's Anna here, ready to take you through the last 2 or 3 sets, and I'm going to try my best not to be biased, but of course I'm looking for a Federer win ;)

Roger to serve first in the third, and he's off to a good start. Quickly up 30-0. Another ACE and it's 40-0. A good return from Cilic, and it's a Federer backhand into the net; 40-15. Another fab return, and it's another lightning quick hold from Federer.

Cilic to serve.

MASSIVE swinging serve from Cilic, and there's not much Federer can do about that; 15-0. Much better hitting on the backhand now from Federer, a lovely rally that time; 15-all. Not the best second serve from Cilic, and Federer takes advantage; 15-30. BIIIIIG first serve; 30-all.

Federer stepping in to take the second serve return, but it doesn't quite work; 40-30. Nice return from Federer, but an even nicer shot down the line from Cilic seals the hold.

A MASSIVE return from Cilic on that first serve, and that made me feel a bit sick, whoops. 0-15. Followed up by an ACE, though; 15-all. Another ace; 30-15. His 16th of the match! A good first serve, but Federer pushes the forehand long; 30-all...

Another lightning quick return from Cilic, and it looks for all the world that he has the point, but Federer does a fabulous job of turning it around and drawing the error; 40-30. Annnnd that's a great hold!

Federer has the advantage of serving first in this set, but it's not helping my nerves at all.

A lot of contention over the roof being closed, but the conditions are the same for both players, and both players benefit from fast conditions.


Federer is the Master of Indoor Tennis.

Anna Logue

He is, but Cilic isn't half bad at it either ;)

A good rally to start off the Cilic service game, and he finishes with a nice forehand winner; 15-0. God only knows what Federer was doing with that return, but it's long; 30-0. Poor volley from Cilic; 30-15. ACE; 40-15. Gaaaaah, Federer almost getting a lovely backhand over the net, but it bounces on the wrong side, and Cilic gets the hold.