Marin Cilic
2 7 3 6 1

Roger Federer
6 6 6 3 6



Cilic running Federer all over the court, and finishing with a big forehand down the line; DEUCE. ACE; ADV Cilic. Lovely hitting on the forehand from Cilic, and he gets the hold!

Lovely serve and volleying from Federer. Edberg would be proud; 15-0. Annnnd again; 30-0. A deep second serve from Federer, and the return is in the tramlines; 40-0. What a lovely dropshot from Federer! He holds!

Return going long from Federer; 15-0. Great first serve; 30-0. Federer going for the chip and charge approach, and it pays off; 30-15. Federer goes wide with the backhand down the line; 40-15. An ACE, and Cilic gets the hold.

Cilic with the MASSIVE return; 0-15. Another good return, and Federer goes long; 0-30. Double fault...THREE BREAK BACK POINTS. For goodness sake, Rog.

A massive forehand from Cilic, and HE BREAKS BACK!

Let's not do this now, Roger.

Cilic to serve. He goes long with a backhand off a very early return from Federer, or is it? Hawkeye shows it in, and we'll replay the point. Federer going wide with the backhand on that point; 15-0. Whoops, Federer getting LUCKY with that net cord; 15-all. Cilic going back behind Federer with the forehand; 30-15. Double fault from Cilic...30-all.

Cilic into the net with a backhand, and it's BREAK POINT.

Cilic with a solid overhead, and we're back to DEUCE. ACE; ADV Cilic. Another good first serve from Cilic, and he goes ahead in the fourth set.

Federer needs a better service game here.