Raymond Van Barneveld

Michael van Gerwen



RVB now 4-2 up and looking ominous

So what does everyone think about the absence of walk-on girls at the Darts. The PDC chap I spoke to earlier said it was the completely the right call in the current circumstances. But other people involved with sport are not so sure. Barneveld included!

Suljovic has a great chance to get back in the match but makes a total horlicks of a simple 42 checkout and its now 5-2 Barney

1st ton-80 for RVB now too...Piling on the pressure

He's now on fire! Takes out 137 calm as you like and its 6-2!

Back to back 180's for Suljovic and he's back on the board with a 10 dart leg

Maybe we have a match after all. Suljovic fights back further with a hassle free leg complete with a 116 checkout. 6-4 Barney

Suljovic back from the break with consecutive 180's...9 darter?

Anticipation for the 9 darter and Mensur throws.......a five !!

Barney takes the leg after Suljovic misses 3 darts at double 9..Could be crucial that