Farmer's Insurance Open: Final Round



Coverage of the final round of the Farmer's coming your way now. @dralanwilson here to kick things off before I hand over to my pal @Ugster1 to see you through to the finish.

Overnight leader Alex Noren on the 3rd tee at -11. Now co-leader. We'll get a leaderboard on the site shortly. His tee shot is on the par 3 green, but a long way away. Playing partner Ryan Palmer (-10) up next. Shouts of go to no avail. Yard short and in trouble.

Here is said Leaderboard. Good to see Jason Day up there as he was not moving well on Thursday.

Palmer plays his second from the sand on 3 and he's about 40ft after catching a tricky downslope. Know how that feels. JB Holmes with a decent chip and about 4ft left for par. Loren's lag putt is about 12ft short. Only 142yd downhill but causing all sorts of problems for the guys. Up ahead on 4 Jason Day with a tidy chip to stay at -9. Looking good.

Looks like everyone teed off a bit earlier than I expected. Hence we've missed a few of the opening holes. Sure enough, Noren misses his par on 3 - he walks off with a 3 putt bogey. Palmer with a good bogey putt of about 8ft. Holmes tidies up for par and he's now got a 1 shot lead. Just him and Noren in double digits under par.

Apparently some guy at -5 is causing a few ripples. Can't think why. Anyway, he's hovering around the 12th tee waiting for the green to clear. Personally I think -5 has no chance but I suspect we'll see some coverage of this dude.

Holmes first away and safely on the 4th fairway. Noren loses one out right. In the thick stuff. Palmer hits a decent one down the left, but safe enough in the first cut. Quick look at Mickelson on18 (he started on 10). Played a nice shot into about 6ft, but he's well out of it at +1. Still, that birdie won't go amiss.

Torrey Pines starting to show its teeth a bit here - wind is up and the scoring won't be low. I reckon anything in double figures under par has got a chance. Commercials here in the UK where they're using some old Elvis Costello to advertise a Ford. Is this what I wore terrible clothes, had dodgy hair and safety pin embedded trousers for? I think not.

Flags are all a flutter. Tiger *still* waiting on the tee. Been about 10 mins already. And they say slow play isn't an issue. Anyway, Noren from the cabbage. Uses the slope at the side of the green to get the ball on the short stuff. Still a nightmare putt mind you. Holmes from the first cut. Hitting a lot stinger which ends up short of the green.

Tiger has been waiting 23 mins to play this shot ! Great effort but it's up near where Noren was. Well it looks like that to me but they're not playing the same hole. Confused? I am. Palmer on 4 knocks his up alongside Holmes. Jason Day with a delightful chip from the back of the green, nips it off the rough, up high and soft landing and finishes no more than 4 inches away.