Royal Rumble 2018



Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm Howard Crossland. And this is Royal Rumble 2018, right here on ByTheMinute! For the first time ever, we've got both women's and men's Rumble matches. Who's your pick? Click 'Be first' to leave a comment and let me know!

Colin Mathie

Asuka + Reigns

5 minutes until showtime. Welcome if you're just joining us from Twitter. Grab a beer, grab some snacks and settle in for the most exciting WWE night of the year. I know these days it's always the hope that kills you, but let's all suffer together!

Colin Mathie


Howard Crossland (@howcro)

Hi Colin! Who's your pick for tonight?

Here we go folks. "Tonight is about one thing....". No, not that, this is a family site. HISTORY.

Our good friend Colin is backing Asuka and Roman Reigns to be victorious tonight. Do you agree? Drop us a line in the comments below! We're here and we're ready, and if we don't agree we'll just throw you over the top rope. Skin the cat, if you can.

Colin Mathie

I don't want Reigns to win it, I just think he will.

Howard Crossland (@howcro)

Don't want him to win either! Who would you like to see win?

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And we're kicking things off with the WWE Championship Handicap Match! AJ Styles defends against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. If they win, they'd be co-champs. God forbid. But don't forget Vince has had far worse ideas, so it could happen.

Colin Mathie

They let Tom Philips commentate, good god.

Colin Mathie

I'd love Owens + Zayn to win here, just for the banter.

Owens & Styles out first, followed by AJ. Quick nod to the Spanish and German announce teams, which I should do too. Hola ByElMinuto, and Guten Tag VonZuMinute.

Owens and Zayn with the quick tags trying to 'unsettle' Styles. I don't think he's too bothered. They do a good job of being twats, don't they?

Drop kick on the money by Styles knocks Zayn out of the ring, Zayn gets the tag as the numbers game starts to take hold, regular tags keeping them fresh.

Owens send AJ over the barrier but it's only enough for a 1 count by the time they're back in the ring.

Ooof! Owens with a sweet electric chair drop on AJ for a two count.