Royal Rumble 2018



She climbs the turnbuckle and points to the sign! She's nailed it. Textbook.

Both Women's champions now in the ring with Asuka. Does she want Charlotte or Alexa?

And here comes RONDA ROUSEY!!!!

She points to the sign. Textbook.

She stares down Asuka, Alexa and Charlotte. Asuka pulls her hand away from the hand shake! More sign pointing and she leaves the ring. Shakes the hand of Steph.

Our closing shot is Ronda Rousey on the ramp pointing to the Wrestlemania sign! Holy shit.

Well that was a brilliant ending. The Rumble winners are Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura! And Ronda Rousey has signed full-time with WWE! I've been Howard Crossland. Goodnight everybody!