Royal Rumble 2018



Shelton and Gable isolating Jimmy Uso in the early going. Nice to see them with matching attire a la the World's Greatest Tag Team.

Has there even been a 2-out-of-3 falls match that ended 2-0?

Strong start by Shelts and Gabes as they keep the upper hand.

Finally Jey Uso makes it in with the hot tag, and he cleans house on both opponents. Flies out both sides of the ring, lovely stuff.

Some good back and forth near falls as we await the first fall. Seems likely the challengers will get it.

Gable with a beautiful moonsault off the top rope to the outside to take out both Usos!

A pair of super kicks and a frog splash is not enough to keep Gable down for even one fall! This match building up the importance of any fall very well.

Double super kick finally does it for Gable. Usos get the pin and lead 1-0.

And after some confusion over who is the legal man, Benjamin gets caught in a roll up and pinned for 3! The Usos win it 2-0!!! Not something you see every day! They remain the Tag Team Champions. A closer match than the scoreline suggests, but they got the job done.

Colin Mathie

Match was ok, nothing special imo.

Oooh there is a WWE 24 of Wrestlemania from last year coming up after tonight's event. Love those shows, really interesting insight into what goes on backstage.