Royal Rumble 2018



And the rumours are indeed true! The Men's Royal Rumble match is next!

Colin Mathie

I still say the triple threat championship match is main eventing.

Howard Crossland (@howcro)

Be interesting to see what happens, I think it would be odd not to have either Rumble be the main event.

No 1 is...

No 2...

Here we go, Rusev vs Balor. Balor of course from Dublinireland.

No 3...

Balor, take a break. Big lads wrestling time. In fact Rhyno just hits both.

No 4...

Corbin sprints in, nice there is a shorter ramp than last year (remember the golf cart?!) Powers over everyone.. and eliminates Rhyno. But Balor from behind sends him over the top! Corbin out, but gets revenge by throwing him into the barricade, and slamming Rusev on the outside!

Colin Mathie

Corbin lasted long lol

No 5... but he doesn't make it to the ring as Corbin turns out his lights with a big lariat!

No 6 and seen as everyone is down it's time for a sing song...