Are you going to San Francisco? I'm Stephen Clark and I'm heading there now, without the flowers in my hair

A bit of Karaoke to start off Super Bowl L - Good Evening everyone. Strap in for the next five hours or so of the biggest night in US sport

It is the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers in the battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy

It's a clash between the old and new breed of NFL quarterback. Will Peyton Manning end his career with his 2nd Super Bowl ring?

Or will Cam Newton be dabbing his way to a first Super Bowl title to crown an MVP year?

Kick off is about 30 minutes away - All the hoopla to come as well as Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem

I will be here for the first half before handing over to Joe Wright who will be adding a Carolina flavoured twist to the second half.


So who are you?


Ignore that, went away, came back and can now see your first post. Wasn't there before, I swear.

Denver were perrenial Super Bowl losers when I first started getting into the NFL - Remember when Homer Simpson didn't even want them?

Snacks are being put in bowls, Beverages are being chilled. Grab everything you need and let's settle in for the ride.

Offence win games, Defence wins Championships. Denver have a great D but no offence, Carolina have both and are my tip to win this