Man Utd



Here we go. Can we get a win at Wembley in our 50th game at the ground. Mourinho has certainly put out an attacking side to try and make that the case. Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell) here for Tottenham v United, COME ON UNITED!

Harvey Waywell

Always the next game !

The teams are out, with this Chilean lad towards the back of the United team. I here he’s decent....

Wembley suddenly sold out. The song “you’ve only come to see United” comes to mind.

Here are the teams:

Goal Tottenham. WHAAAATTTTTT.

1’ I didn’t even have time to put we are underway ffs. Vertonghens long ball is won by Kane who flicks it onto Alli and his scuffed shot off Smalling falls to Eriksen and he slots it in past De Gea after 11 seconds. WTF?! One of the luckiest and quickest goals I’ve ever seen.

2’ Young whips in a lovely ball but Lukaku cannot quite reach it on the slide.

3’ Another chance! Pogba plays Messi Lingard in, but the legs of Lloris prevent us from drawing level.

6’ Game now calmed down, and BT have just revealed Kane is already in the United half before kick off, so technically the goal shouldn’t stand. WHERE IS VAR NOW?!?!?! I hated it, but now I say we need it ASAP.....

8’ About 80,000 Spurs fans and all I can hear from the crowd is mumbling and the 3,000 United fans singing non stop. Levels.