Is UFC 3 Worth The Fee?

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By Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell) After the success of the last two games, the highly anticipated UFC 3 video game is just around the corner. And it is shaping up to be the best game of the lot. Here is why you should go to the shops and purchase it tomorrow (Friday 2nd February), despite the cover star not having fought in the octagon since November 2016. One of the main features of the third instalment in the EA Sports MMA series is the revamped career mode, which allows you to start as fighter in an organisation which nobody has heard of, and work your way up to competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and in the end winning a belt, if your good at the game, like me. Also, this new career mode has a wide range of new options, from now being able to train with real life fighters to learn a new strategy for your upcoming opponent, to being able up your fitness in a series of cardiovascular workouts. Career mode in UFC 3 also gives the player the ability to increase the “hype” for their upcoming fight, and trash talk to their opponents in press conferences, and as a result creating rivalries. Furthermore, there is an interactive social media platform which enables the player to get even closer to becoming the “GOAT”, which is the ultimate achievement in UFC 3’s career mode There are a whole host of other modes which help make the game one which all MMA lovers need to buy. A personal favourite of mine is the return of the knockout mode, which is arguably the best mode to play with your friends because it’s simple; whoever gets the most knockouts wins. Ultimate Team also makes another appearance, although from a personal point of view I fail to see the success of this mode. The name itself says it all. Ultimate Team works brilliantly on other EA Sports games such as Madden and FIFA, but how can you enjoy Ultimate TEAM when playing a video game which is based off an individual sport. Lastly, the gameplay is still on another level. Every hit leaves damage on your fighter, and can be visually seen on their body. Overall, UFC 3 is a MUST BUY for any MMA fan without a shadow of a doubt. And even if you have never seen a single minute of MMA or you are put off the sport because you hate Conor McGregor, UFC 3 manages to represent the sport of MMA in the best way a video game can represent a sport, mainly as it covers the majority of all aspects that come with being an MMA fighter. If you are a lover of video games, you will be a lover of UFC 3.