Premier League Darts: Dublin



MS 3-1 SW Nearly a 139 out for Suljovic, just misses the d11. He gets to come back though to tidy things up and get the first break of the match.

MS 3-2 SW First 180 of the match goes to Whitlock. Can only follow up with a 100 though, Suljovic is scoring well and gets to the checkout first. Misses bull though, and Whitlock swoops in for the 81 out to break straight back!

MS 3-3 SW Whitlock playing quicker, and it seems to be suiting him. His scoring has improved in the last few legs, it’s an easy hold there to even things up.

MS 3-4 SW Another 180 for Whitlock, only needs two darts at 41, that’s three legs on the trot and an important break.

MS 3-5 SW Welcome back to the Premier League Simon Whitlock! A cagier leg, not great scoring, but Whitlock left himself 160 and took it out! Superb four legs.

MS 4-5 SW 138 quite a number in darting history, Whitlock left that for Suljovic and he took it out! Stops the rot, but it was only a hold of throw.

MS 5-5 SW Well well - not over yet. Poor leg from Whitlock gives Suljovic the chance to break back, and he takes it with some solid play. Draw on the cards?

MS 5-6 SW Quality leg, both players leave 81 but it’s Whitlock with the first try at it - and he takes it out for a 12 dart leg to break and guarantee a point.

SIMON WHITLOCK BEATS MENSUR SULJOVIC 7-5! Suljovic starts with a maximum, his one and only of the match, to give himself a chance to break back, but Whitlock hits some good scores and holds for the win.

Excellent game to start the Premier League off. Two of the more unfancied players, perhaps, but they showed plenty of quality there. Stats attached - Whitlock checkout stats impressive!