Premier League Darts: Dublin



GA 5-4 MS Quality has dropped a little from earlier, Anderson can’t finish off 8 with three darts. And then busts d1, explains why the average isn’t great. He then busts it again! But Smith can’t hit d10, so Anderson has another chance...which he misses again! Eventually Smith hits d10, and we’re back on throw...

GA 5-5 MS We’re going all the way again. Poor leg from Anderson, d20 for Smith to hold and I can see him nicking this.

GA 5-6 MS Loose darts every visit from Anderson now - he’s had back problems this week, apparently, don’t know if we’re seeing the effect of that now. Smith steals the throw, leaves 72 - and gets it!

MICHAEL SMITH BEATS GARY ANDERSON 7-5! Smith holds throw pretty comfortably in the end, and that’s a fantastic comeback, even if Anderson was suffering. The second match tonight where the returning Premier League player has secured a win.

Here are the stats - not much to write home about here...

Anderson looked frustrated towards the end of the match, very inconsistent too. Smith will be delighted to get off the mark with a win after a poor campaign in 2016.

Next up - Daryl Gurney v Raymond van Barneveld. Back with that soon.

Walk ons done, few boos for Gurney but I think that’s maybe because of a) RVB’s popularity and b) the small matter of the Irish border. Think it was good natured joshing in the main! Anyway, it’s Gurney with the throw - game on!

DG 1-0 RVB More boos for Gurney as he gets things underway, but he replies with a 180! Neat 95 out too, good start for the debutant.

DG 2-0 RVB Good start to the match for Gurney. Players swap 180s and RVB looks to be in the driving seat - with 61 left, he hits 25 to leave two at d18. Both miss the bed, Gurney in for a 50 out.