Premier League Darts: Dublin



PW 6-3 GP It’s another leg for Wright to guarantee a draw at least, whilst average high 80s. Price will be kicking himself that he hasn’t taken advantage of one of the big hitters playing so poorly.

PW 6-4 GP Nice hold for Price with a two dart 96 for the leg. Needs the break here though...

PW 6-5 GP ...and he gets it! Some better scoring from both players, Price hits the 54 finish in two darts to set up the final leg. He’ll throw for the draw.

PETER WRIGHT AND GERWYN PRICE DRAW 6-6! Chances again for both in that leg, ultimately it was Price that got over the line. Probably a fair result in the end, but Price really could have won that at a canter if he’d stepped it up just a little.

Stats - nothing special:

Weird performance that from Wright - normally so consistent, darts all over the place there. Will be interesting to see what he goes with next week, when he had to face MVG.

So a good night for Whitlock, Smith and van Gerwen, but loads of time to go of course. Good to have the Premier League back, and it rolls on to Cardiff next week. We’ll have that on the site next week, so we’ll wrap this up now. Enjoy your weekends - @Ugster1 signing off!