St Helens


Rugby L


Good evening! Super league season is back, tonight, we have St Helens vs Castleford. I’m James Leahy taking you through all the action. Kick off at 7:45.

Here are the teams.

This game should be a cracker, be interesting to see how Castleford bounce back after their Grand Final defeat to Leeds.

Teams are on their way out at the Totally Wicked stadium, yes, it really is called that.

Minutes applause for Tom Van Vollenhoven. A St Helens legend. His wife will be handing the referee the match ball. Goosebumps moment.

James Child is the referee.

KICK OFF! St Helens get the game underway, Cas have the first set of 6!

OR NOT! St Helens get the ball back from the kick off after an awkward bounce.

Mistake from Kyle Amor gifts the ball back to Castleford.

Kick from Gale which Grace gathers. St Helens set of 6 now.