Rugby U


76' Wales have stolen the ball, but are penalised straight away, and Russell kicks to the corner...

77' Scotland take their own lineout this time, and set up a maul. Wales are penalised for entering the maul from the side, and Scotland go for another lineout.

78' The maul goes down, amid a "good defence" from the referee. Wales have three minutes to hold Scotland out for the nil, but Scotland are 5m out...

79' The Welsh defence is holding firm so far, Scotland 7m out, spread it wide, but still no way through...

79' Scotland 10m out now... But it's a TRY for Scotland! Or is it? TMO is going to have a look...

TRY awarded, Horne was not offside when he found the gap in the Welsh defence. CONVERTED, not that it'll make a difference.


At least we got something to show for the match.

Sam Johnson

Yeah. Think nil would have been too harsh, especially after what was a mostly even first half.

80' Scotland running it back from behind their own line, but they've lost it and Wales have the ball on the Scottish 22 as the clock goes red. Parkes, happy with the scoreline, boots it out, and it's full time. "One of the all time great six nations performances from Wales" is the commentators' verdict.

"We expected a tight game," says man of the match Shingler, who speaks about the "great character, especially in defence" that Wales showed.

"Bit tired to be honest with you...that performance was born out of respect for Scotland" says captain Alun Wyn Jones, who pays tribute to the performance of Wales' new faces today.

"Speechless, a lot of accuracy," says a deflated John Barclay, who sounds utterly miserable. Not many positives for Scotland to take from the match, and their captain knows it. "We've got a lot of work to do," he finishes.

Colin Mathie

No shit Sherlock.

Sam Johnson