Rugby U


It's time to begin match 2 of the 2018 Six Nations!

We are off!

0' After a starting kick into the Irish 22, it is kicked back and a tackle happens in the middle. The Irish regain possession and begin pushing toward the French 22.

2' A penalty kick from the French 22 for Ireland, can they score already? Right through the middle! 0-3!

3' French kick into the Irish 22, the Irish fail to break back through for a while until a kick high the French do not catch and the Irish push into the middle.

5' French lineout from the middle. Irish get it, kicks and it goes to the French 22.

6' After more back and forth the Irish get close to the try line however the French have the ball and kick it out of danger.

7' The French regain control and manage to kick to the middle. Irish lineout in the middle that the French steal, suddenly the French have possession at the middle.

9' The French slowly push towards the Irish 22, looking for a breakthrough. They get a small one however after 14 phases they pass forward. Scrum time!

11' Irish Scrum, Irish win. Irish are playing a dangerous game at the 22 however they kick to the middle. French, with possession, get pushed back even, and scrum 2 is called.