Rugby U


13' French Scrum, and a Free Kick is awarded to the French, however a Frenchman accidentally kicks slightly and it counts! Irish ball, the French regain possession at their 22.

14' Penalty kick from France, does well. They even regain possession and breakthrough for a little bit however it is halted. Irish kick it far, French have possession at the middle however they also get a penalty kick!

17' French lineout, but the Irish steal it! It's too aggressive though, scrum.

19' French Scrum, not a straight throw and it's free kick Ireland. French take possession, however the Irish manage to regain it and begin a push to try to breakthrough from the middle.

20' The Irish Breakthrough! The French stop it just before their 22', however the Irish still have control.

21' A free kick is given to Ireland somehow, at the French 22'. Can another penalty kick 3 points be gained? YES! 0-6!

22' Irish have control at their 22, however they decide to kick to the middle. Madness in the middle, not sure what's happening. Irish lineout at the middle, Irish win it.

25' It's the Irish with possession at the halfway line! French manage to kick through the Irish line somehow and their right at the try line! The Irish decide to kick out of danger and push to the 22'.

27' Irish Scrum halfway between the middle and the Irish 22. Irish win a penalty kick!

29' The Irish get a lineout in French territory now, they win it and begin a battle at the 22. Timeout for a few injuries.