Rugby U


2 French replacements.

30' Scrum for Ireland on the French 22. Irish win it! The battle is pushed extermely close to the French Try line!

32' The French manage to regain possession, and push it back close to the middle with a kick. The Irish kick it back into the French 22. Irish lineout there, won by the Irish. French take it back and kick it into midfield. French get a penalty kick for the Irish not releasing.

35' The French manage to kick it through the goal! 3-6!

Time out, possible injury for the number 7 player of Ireland

39' Irish Scrum in the middle, won by the Irish, they begin a slow push. Penalty! Irish get a penalty kick! Here we go, can the Irish make it 3-9? Sexton kicks... IN! 3-9 with a minute left in this half!

The clock goes red and the French kick it out. HALF TIME! FRANCE 3-9 IRELAND

Although I'm certainly no expert, it seemed to me that both team's defense was amazing however Ireland's attack was slightly better. The newer players of France seemed to make a few rookie mistakes that were able to be used expertly by the Irish.

We're back on, with Ireland kicking off!

41' France kicks back and it goes to the middle. Irish lineout won by Ireland, and they have possession and are pushing into the Irish line. The Irish make a mistake and throw forward.