Rugby U


43' French scrum, won by the French. They push into Irish territory. However the Irish gain a penalty kick.

47' The Irish lineout goes well and the Irish have possession. French were offside, penalty kick to the Irish, a great start of the second half for them. He takes his time however it's a PENALTY FOR IRELAND! 3-12

50' Irish lineout on the French 22, won by Ireland. They assault again and again and the try line is right there! It's very close!

51' The French manage to get it back and kick all the way to the middle. The French gain possession again quickly and kick it to the Irish 22.

The French get a penalty! It's IN! 6-12

55' Irish lineout at middle, they win it. They begin the push. After a while, the French regain control. The French decide to kick it and after a large tackle a French scrum is called.

60' Collapsed scrum. Retry. French win however the Irish are just about able to regain possession almost instantly. Irish Lineout.

62' Irish win their lineout, and have possession at the French 22. The French cause a penalty for Ireland! The Irish kicker, Sexton kicks... just out! Not quite! Amazing.

65' The French manage to break through from the middle! They are stopped but they make it to the 22 and still have possession. French are "in at the side", which is apparently a bad thing. Irish lineout, won by Ireland.

67' The French gain possession, push to the middle, a High Tackle from the Irish leaves France with a penalty kick from the middle.