Crystal Palace




Cabaye has lofted another strike over. Terrible clearance by Darlow. Townsend pops it wide to Benteke, who shuffles a cut-back to the midfielder. He's leaning back again though, and it's only good for a conversion, which is no use in a proper sport like football. 1-1 (66)

Pressure continues. Zaha down the outside and he's won a corner. Cabaye over it. Inswing. Hacked away by Newcastle, who had everyone inside there own box. 1-1 (68)

First bit of Newcastle attacking in this second half. Ritchie with a good inside ball to the underlapping Yedlin. His cross blocked for a corner. Ritchie with the ball in. Bounces around the Palace box. Just about cleared. 1-1 (70)

Streaker on the pitch. Cue mass condemnation and disgust from the commentators. They need to lighten up a bit. Good to see Steve Parish sees the funny side. He's having a good old chuckle in the directors box. Good lad. 1-1 (72)

Deary me. Palace switch off from a throw in. Ritchie hurls it towards Atsu who is right in front of goal. Hennessey does well to scramble out and close down the angle. 1-1 (74)

Wilfred Zaha has run from one side of the box to the other, then back. Refusing to shoot at every turn. When he finally does, it has the strength of playgroup Ribena, and is blocked by a defender. Greed doesn't really cover it. 1-1 (75)

Newcastle really clinging on here. Cross comes in. Darlow comes to claim. He flaps at it as Lascelles tries to head it out of the keepers hands. Fortunately it drops safe and the keeper survives another error. 1-1 (76)

So so so close for Palace. McArthur gets it outside the box. He wiggles left and right, all sorts of space opens up. He lashes it with his left, and it looks to be heading for the top corner, but it continues to rise, and flashes just over the bar. 1-1 (78)

Newcastle Sub: OFF Perez ON Merino

This game fizzling out a bit. You feel like that suits Newcastle too here. They've ridden the storm of this second half, and you fancy they'd happily trudge off with a point. 1-1 (83)