Rugby U


Allan is successful with a difficult CONVERSION.

22' England penalised straight away at the restart for taking Benvenuti out in the air. Imagine he wanted to send a message after that try, and overdid it a bit.

25' England have ripped the ball away from their opponents, who knocked on in the process. English scrum right in the middle of the Italian 22. The line itself, that is.

26' Good tackling so far by Italy, but England's hands are too quick, and they're up to 10m out... They're knocked back a few metres, but then Farrell spots a gap, and runs straight through it for England's third TRY.

Farrell has no trouble converting his own try. Much easier kick.

28' Soft penalty conceded by Italy going offside, and England gain a lineout inside the Italian half.

30' England are looking so dangerous with the ball in hand and are storming up the field, before Italy have more success slowing the English ball down and England are penalised for not releasing. Brief pause while Courtney Lawes gets a bit of medical attention.

32' Good distance on the penalty from Italy, who now have the ball on the England 10m line. England have stolen it back, but they've lost it again straight away. Italy trying to bring some powerful runners into the game, and are rewarded with a penalty when an English tackler doesn't release. Italian lineout in the corner...

33' Here comes the Italian maul...but it's driven into touch by the English defence. Should Italy have taken the three points?

35' England's maul is more successful, but it's brought down legally by the Italians. Italy penalised for not rolling away though - another soft penalty - and Raynal tells Parisse to stop the backchat. Fair enough.