Phoenix Open: Final Round



Fowler finishes with par to end at -12. Rahm does the same.

So, the final leaderboard, sort of:

And the putt that took us to a playoff:

Right, let’s get this show on the road, I have the Super Bowl to watch. Well, when I say watch, I mean stay awake for the first thirty minutes or so then drift in and out of light sleep until some ungodly hour in the morning. The nice glass of red I’m enjoying won’t help with this.

That really was a great putt from Reavie on the last given what was on the line. So, we’ll go back to the 18th a few times if necessary, then the 10th and then some combination of the 18th and 17th.

We haven’t started the play off yet. Woodland at the tee, Reavie still on the way.

Nice greeting between the players and caddies, very chummy. Woodland will have the honour.

Woodland is in Mickelson country after his drive, although he’s in the sand rather than the long stuff. Reavie not as far, but safely on the fairway and has the advantage.

Mike Barry

Im warming up the car to make a run & watch a bit of the Bowl at our rugby club. There were some clowns out there playing snow football earlier

Matt (@Ugster1)

I fear this isn’t going to be the only play off hole...

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Reavie to play his second first. Finds the green, but then trickles off to the left. Not great, chance for Woodland here.

Although of course Woodland has a tricky one. Catches it well, right at the flag, but short, just off green. Honours about even?

Mike Barry

You're gonna be at this till dark hehehe

Matt (@Ugster1)

It’s already dark here! 😀