Phoenix Open: Final Round



Back with the action and Rickie to go first out of the thick stuff. He's in the right waste area ... TRICKY ! Over on 8 Martin Laird just misses and a bit left on that one. Tidies up OK. Reeve with 8 iron - lovely shot to the heart of the green. Local boy apparently. Rahm with a flick with a wedge - 147 - no check, so rolls to the back of the green. Bit poor really.

Random guy on 16. Looks busy but not quite as awful as Saturday's crowd. I find this all a bit bad form to be honest. If I wanted a darts crowd I'd go to the Ally Pally.

Fowler from the dirt - like playing out of a municipal bunker - and he's got a lot left. Rahm's putt is excellent but just dies at the end - needed another foot of pace. Reavie for the sole lead - knocks it in and this could be big. Moves to -16. Rickie with this putt to stay 1 back - stays out right and we have a 2 shot swing !

I can hear the winds of change .... and they're not blowing Rickie's way. Bad memories of last year bound to be on his mind.

Mickelson at -12 and he's knocked a wedge to a couple of feet on 6 - still in this for sure !! Woodland with a good 2 putt on 7 and stays at -14.

Laird's second on 9 - can't see it. Not on the green anyway ... turns out it was in the RH bunker and he pops it out to about 8 ft. Rahm and Reavie away on 6 - Rahm finds sand, and not very nice sand at that. Rickie with another up the right and just short of the bunker. Should be OK.

Leaderboard at 19:28 GMT as we run through the leaderboard on our coverage ... Fowler level par for the day is falling behind the rest of the pack

Back with Phil at 6 and he rolls in the putt to move to -13. Laird also confident with the flat stick and a par there on 9 means he is out on 31, four under. Rickie with 146 left - played for a flyer and it flew straight into the front bunker. Durr. Wheels are being loosened ready to be parted from the Rickiemobile.

Maybe not, as Reavie goes ahead and does exactly the same thing from the middle of the fairway. Rahm from the fairway bunker and he's the only one that made the green ! LOL.

Woodland completely misjudges his second shot - shouting at it to go down down ... then it pitches right by the flag stick. Ha ha.