Phoenix Open: Final Round



Phil from the crap on 10 - not bad, front edge. Steele is pin high on 12 but miles away. Rahm on the 10th tee - got the driver out and the camera angle makes the sun look about 10 ft away. WTF, he's almost driven the goddamn green. Rickie finds the fairway. About bloody time, only 2 out of 7 on the front 9.

Reavie with 3 wood and he's ok. This hole is 421yds FFS. Phil with a tidy chip on 10 - safely in for par. Chez Reavie still out in front on his own as we head for another break.

Mike Barry

Reavie is a local. Lives down tbe street from the course.

Alan Wilson

Yes, used to carry the score cards round as a kid I think !

Fowler with a lovely shot into 10 - that's more like it. Good way to kill the demons of last year. Brendan Steele not doing anything special. Rahm is about 100yds ahead of Reavie on 10 LOL. Chez with a decent shot to the front edge. Then the long walk up to where Jon is patiently waiting .... 61 yds left and a nice pitch but the check means its not as close as he'd like.

Harvey Waywell

Keep the Steele updates coming please...He's got my boy Chris Donald on the bag !

Alan Wilson

I think he's losing it Harvey. Sorry!

As Rob Lee just said, Rahms' drive of 350yds is the new 300. Re-calibration required. Chez just doing his own thing - another lag putt and par at 10. -16 and one ahead. Rahm for birdie - got a read from Chez, can he do it? OOOOH, just lips out left. Harsh.

Kuch with a tap in birdie and he's not out of this, despite his notoriously poor finishing record. Rickie also just misses. So, pars all round.

Still about 8-10 players who can win this if they put a streak together on the back 9 as we head for another commercial break.

We're back! Over to 16 where there is no-one playing. Nice one.

Mike Barry

Reavie hits a dead straight ball. Could be telling.

Phil, after taking his medicine on 11, almost holes for an unlikely birdie. Rahm loses his drive miles and miles right and it's still going ... all the way to the next state wherever that is. Rickie finds another fairway which is good.

Mike Barry

New Mexico

Alan Wilson

Thanks Mike! US geography not my strong point ...

Some stats on probability of winning and the numbers men have Chez out in front, with Steele, Kuch etc. in the 3-5% chance range. Steele with 30ft or so for eagle 3 which will be very handy ! Rickie going for the flag on 11 - decent effort, but a bit wide. Chez next and in a similar position to Rickie.

Mickelson with a 2% chance of winning (apparently, according to someone who got a computer for christmas and has fired up Excel) fires a great shot into the par 3 12th. Rahm in beside some kind of cactus/sharp bush thing with a horrible, horrible lie and he's done well to get that into the bunker (rather than the lake). Could just about save par after that New Mexico drive.