Phoenix Open: Final Round



Short break in the action .... Rahm with a hugely difficult bunker shot back down towards the water and it's rolled about 18ft past. Tough one for par. Shneiderjans with a great lag putt and an easy birdie, moves to -15. Woodland's eagle putt dead on line but just shy, but his tap-in birdie gives him a share of the lead at -16.

Right, here's the leaderboard at 20:57 GMT

We're approaching the top of the hour and it's time for me to hand over to my partner in crime Matt who will have the honour of taking you through the closing 7 holes of this tournament which is finely poised for a thrilling finish. My money is on Rickie to exorcise the demons of last year, grab an eagle and take the title. I leave you with Jon Rahm saving par on 11, so he's my backup choice.

@dralanwilson out. Thanks for reading. Over to you Matt :-)

Evening all! Thanks to Alan for setting me up beautifully, as I sweep in like some diva to take the glory of the concluding coverage. Although last week I did cover a six hole play off that lasted for two days, so I’ll take it. @Ugster1 with you for the rest of the evening.

Of course, the possibility of a play off isn’t out of the question here either, given the compactness at the top of the leaderboard. For the sake of my sanity, fingers crossed for a clear winner. The stats Alan alluded to earlier suggested that Reavie was the most likely winner, but I have to agree with Alan - my money would be in the Fowler direction. So that’s the kiss of death for Rickie.

Right then, to the action. Fowler at 12 leaves the birdie putt short - taps in for par. Mickelson at 13 - second shot through the green and in some nasty looking rough. Nasty by US standards. Rahm misses the par putt at 12...

Steele at 14. Finds green, but a long way from the pin. Reavie pars 12 to remain at -16 and tied for the lead. Schniederjans has made quite a run today, but he’s into the stands with his drive at 17. Long way left.

Kuchar at 15, his second shot...that’s disappeared into the water, which will damage his chances. Laird misses par at 15, he also looks to be out of things at -12.

Alan Wilson

Poor Kuch never stood a chance anyway ... Mr Top Ten.

Wow - Schauffele with his second from the rubbish at 13 - finds the green, and ball catches the edge of the cup! Doesn’t drop, but will have an eagle putt. Fowler at the same hole, on the tee - looks to be left, but gets a favourable bounce and he’s on the fairway. Love the balance he has at the end of his swing.