Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots



It. Is. Time.

The biggest single game in sports. Who will create history? The Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots? Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell) for the build up and first quarter of Super Bowl LII. Following me on commentary will be @Chappers67 @Charleswrites @hannakin_. Both teams have just come out onto the field...

The Eagles got the much better reception out of the two teams, despite them pounding the hometown Vikings in the NFC Championship game, and denying Minnesota the opportunity to be the first team in their own Super Bowl.

Here is the latest ByTheMinUSSports podcast to get you in the mood for tonight's game. Listen to this rather than all the pre game events which involve children who then get thrown out and cannot actually watch the game. True story.

Pink is doing the national anthem. Her hair is not pink though. Shame.

Paul Chapman

I believe they call it the "Young Judi Dench"

Charles Wheeler

Her hair colour and the anthem length were seeing a lot of betting action pre-game!

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To be honest which her performance will be long forgotten by the time Timbers is on at half time...

Paul Chapman

Sufferring with flu apparently

Coin toss time! They are getting an ex marine to do it, which is a nice touch. He served in WW2 I think. The call is Tails from Philly. New England win the toss and defer. The Eagles to receive.

15 seconds until kick off. I am on the BBC coverage in the UK. Which channel are you watching? Sky or BBC?

Charles Wheeler

BBC all the way. NFL with no adverts is a bloody dream come true.

Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell)


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The Eagles bring the ball out to the 25 yard line.