Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots



2nd & 8, Foles feels the pressure, rolls left, just about evades the sack and throws it away

3rd & 8 Foles gets away from more pressure, steps up and looks downfield. Incomplete. First 3 and out of the game

Punt is fair caught by Amendola at his own 37 yard line. F sake.... Gareth Southgate has blagged his way there AND IT'S THE FIRST GAME HE'S EVER BEEN TO

Anyway, those 3 points in the first are the first points the Patriots have mustered in a Superbowl 1st qtr. According to their fans, who have never heard of Superbowl XX. When of course they got 3 points on the board. Didn't help them as the Bears creamed them 46-10

Neither of these teams or fanbases is particularly likeable. so I'm hoping a karmic wardrobe malfunction for Justin Timberlake at half time forces the whole thing to be abandoned as a tie

Cooks makes a catch and is SLAMMED down at the Eagles 40. Gain of 23. Brady got slammed too. Injury time out

Mike Barry

Concussion #282 of the 2017/2018 season. Completely unacceptable.

Charles Wheeler

Brutal. Solid illustration of why concussion issues won't ease off in the NFL until the whole culture of leading with the head can be changed (which... well, it wouldn't be easy, would it?).

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The hit on Brady was no Mo Lewis on Drew Bledsoe though. The hit that started this whole thing. Yes, I'm claiming some of this Patriot success for the Jets.

Back in action and Brady throws incomplete looking for White

2nd&10, Lewis takes a handoff up the middle for 5

3rd&5 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the infallible Brady effs up. Hand off to Lewis, flick to Amendola who passes to a wide open Brady who moves so glacially he can't make an easy catch