Evening everyone. @jodyjamieson here to cover Monday night Raw. We get underway in an hour.

I covered Raw two weeks ago, and WWE were advertising literally nothing. Not quite the case tonight...

Brock Lesnar will be on the show. Which is always fun. Daniel Bryan will be announcing his retirement, which absolutely sucks.

Tweet from Daniel Bryan announcing its over.

Bryan had been fighting this as he had been cleared by the NFL's Arizona Cardinals doctor but not the WWE doctors

He had further tests at the end of January, and we can only assume that the results were not good.

As the tweet says, he will elaborate on this tonight on Raw, which is coming from his home state of Washington.

Key Arena in Seattle tonight. Rumours are the retirement will be the final segment tonight. Depressing! Come join us at 1am

We're about to get underway, and they're laying a carpet out. Maybe starting with Daniel Bryan?

And we open Raw with a Daniel Bryan video.