Premier League Darts



GAME, SHOT AND THE MATCH! Michael Smith! Beats Daryl Gurney 7-4. His second win in successive matches!

A very good game to kick things off this evening!

UP NEXT! Rob Cross vs Simon Whitlock. Going for a Whitlock 7-5 yes, I’m going there.

Both players on stage. Rob Cross vs Simon Whitlock imminent.

Rob Cross to throw first.... GAME ON!

BREAK! Well that was a bog standard first leg! Whitlock breaks Cross though so he won’t care! Cross 0-1 Whitlock

HOLD! Well this is a load of tripe so far, Cross all over the place! Whitlock hits double 2 eventually to hold his throw! Cross 0-2 Whitlock

HOLD! 72 checkout for Cross to hold his throw, this is slow, this is dull. Cross 1-2 Whitlock

HOLD! 74 checkout for Whitlock to hold his throw, this game might spark into life sometime today. Cross 1-3 Whitlock

BREAK! Cross misses 3 darts at double, Whitlock capitalises!! The wizard in full control here! Cross 1-4 Whitlock