Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony



From the jungles of South America, the cities of North America, the farms of Europe, the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Asia and the beaches of Australia, comes athletes all around the world competing for their country in the biggest sporting event in the world. Welcome to the ByTheMinute coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang!

Welcome to one of the most socio-economic and geo-politically important sporting events of all time, no less in The Republic of Korea. In one of the most fascinating and astonishing political moves I’ve ever seen in the Olympics, the Republic of Korea and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have decided to march under one flag in the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Russians have to march under no flag. They will be fighting for the “Olympic Athlete from Russia” team instead of for the Russian Federation. However, I believe that we must focus on the sport, not the politics just for these 16 days at least.

Apologizes for that blip, it seems this and the Dubai Tour overloaded the website with viewers!

The Opening Ceremony is about to begin, it's time to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics begin.

We start on a plane, with people going to every winter Olympics, until finally we get to Pyeongchang where many different events are taking place, then the countdown begins in the Olympic Stadium!

We start with ice freezing the stadium. Fireworks begin! Making the word "WELCOME". We start with 5 children, appearently representing the elements, Hydrogen, Heli- wrong one. Fire, Water, Wood, Metal etc. They go on an adventure, they seems to have found a map of the stars, and suddenly they are seeing all of the stars alive.

Here is a white tiger, in the stadium guiding the children. The floor turning into a local mountain range appearently. As the blue dragon comes on stage, the children find a world of nature and animals. Many female dancers now going into the middle after a coming out of a mirror. Also a cow pulls a "cart of fire" as the floor turns into a flower.

The sky of the stadium turns into a map of the stars to finish the scene. The President of The Republic of Korea and the President of the IOC are now welcomed.

Now for scene 2. "The harmony of the cosmos". Women dance and drum in a huge circle as others to the same around them. half in red, half in white. Until suddenly half the white turn red and half turn blue creating the flag of S.Korea.