Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony



The Flag of S.Korea is now being presented.

The guard of honor now take the flag from the ROK Olympic medalists. It's time for the National Anthem of ROK.

Now, incredibly early on in the ceremony, the athletes now come on! We start as always, with Greece! Only 12 athletes, but still amazing to see.

Ghana now, one athlete, lovely. Obviously we go in alphabetical order, in Korean. Nigeria next, their first winter Olympics, only 8 people come out for them. South Africa, who get 3 people coming on.

The Dutch, 34 athletes! Then the best team in Winter Olympics, NORWAY! 109 Athletes! An amazing team from them, can they win the Medal Table? New Zealand with 21 athletes. Denmark next, another great country in winter Olympics. Germany next! They have an extremely good team this year with many athletes looking to get multiple golds.

East Timor now, 5 athletes for them. Latvia with 23 athletes, can they get a gold this time? Lebanon, 3 athletes, could they get a medal for their country? Romania afterwards. Then the confirmed world power, Luxembourg, who's 3 athletes will hopefully get a medal, increasing their gdp by 5 times. Then my favourite country, Lichtenstein, who really want a medal this year.

Magadascar, Malaysia and Mexico all come out, Malaysia's debut this time. Monaco who really don't need more gold will be just having a good time. Morocco, Montenegro and Moldova are next, all with tiny teams. Remember that only 26 teams got a medal in Sochi. Malta and Mongolia next, the Mongolian athlete very lonely on his own.

With the biggest team is Trumpl- I mean The United States who's looking to top the table this year! Filling up half the stadium. Bermuda next who has had political controvercy lately but lets not talk about that. Belgium now who really want a medal. Belarus next who want to top their 5 golds from Sochi. Bosnia and Bolivia come on with tiny teams.

Colin Mathie

Do u think this'll be bigger than the parade he's planning to satisfy his massive ego?

Brazil and San Marino come on, Two very different countries, did you know San Marino was founded 2000 years before Italy. Serbia next. Then Sweden with over 100 athletes, they will want to beat their 14th place in Sochi. Switzerland next, the Mountain Fortress, who knows what they could pull off after 7th last year, they love skiing, skiing and skiing.

Spain come on. Then Slovakia with Slovenia, one broke away after the USSR fell, one broke away after the USSR fell... Singapore, the city state of the world followed by Armenia. Argentina followed by Iceland who is lead by a party that all play pirate all the time... that's right?