Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony



Andorra now, the final micro-state in Europe. Albania now followed by Eritea. Estonia now followed by Ecuador. Now is GREAT BRITAIN! We aim for around 9-14 medals. Australia and Austria now, the same country... right? Austria has 109 athletes and will be wanting a top 10 in the medal table. 168 "Olympic Athletes from Russia" NOT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION! I will stay away from that.

Uzbekistan the only double landlocked country in the world followed by Ukraine. Iran next who have also had political controvercy... Italy next, who will be wanting a gold this year. Israel followed by India now...

Japan followed by JAMAICA! The most famous winter Olympic team who has 3 bobsleigh athletes and one skeleton. Georgia followed by The Peoples Republic of China! Who want a top 10. Eurosport make a fatal mistake calling it "The Czech Republic"! It is not! It is Czechia! When BTM is more professional than you... Chile and Kazakhstan next, Kazakhstan getting one Bronze last year.

Tim Bonville-Ginn

Hardly anyone say Czechia, it's still Czech Republic internationally.


Although barely anyone says Czechia it is officially the name internationally as far as I know.

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Canada next! The world peace country, gets two people to hold the flag, 232 athletes in all, can they top the medal table? Kenya comes on followed by... Kosovo/Serbia... I will avoid controversy by shutting up now. Colombia comes on followed by Croatia. The Republic of Cyprus now... followed by Chinese Taipei/Taiwan/ROC. Thailand followed by Turkey, Togo and Tonga.

Pakistan next.. yet another country I want to stay way from, Jesus politics. Portugal followed by Poland. France now who clinged to 10th in the medal table last year will want to do well. Next is the FYROM/Macedonia... followed by the best educated country in the world, Finland who got one gold last year. Hungary followed by Hong Kong, China.

It's time... KOREA! The Crowd goes silent, the tension begins. This is actually beautiful..

The tension lessens across the crowd as they go round... the crowd finally cheer! With a joint women's hockey team starting tomorrow, who knows what they can do, other than that S.Korea and N.Korea will compete seperately

We get some lovely shots of nature in S.Korea, Until we're back at the stadium with an old man singing. We're in a lake full of lilipads. Our fateful 5 children on a raft. They take shelter as a storm brews. A field of flowers is found until fireflies fly up and become the stars. Our children find a modern city and a gate to the future opens.

They see the future full of robots and labs and self-driving cars. Until we are back at the stadium, where a bunch of children sing. They push the gates around and make a nice dance with people in hazmat suits and jumpsuits. Finally they make a circle in which a crude smilly face is made.

The circle is then used to make a star trek like beam in the middle ending the scene.