Considering how many tribute Raw's I've seen, it's a little strange. I'll bet a few people think he died.

Pyro and ballyhoo, and off we go with... Stephanie McMahon. Oh goody.

Contract signing for Reigns vs Ambrose vs Lesnar at Fastlane. Stephanie is going to jabber for a bit. Interrupted with a Daniel Bryan chant

Stephanie talking about how great Triple H is. So it's every opening Raw promo

Dean Ambrose's music hits. He knows if he doesn't come out the segment will take decades. Good lad

"CAN WE CUT TO THE CHASE PLEASE STEPH" Dean is a great man. He calls out Brock Lesnar. He's also a crazy man

Steph cuts him off because she wants to blether more. Cut off by Reigns music

Steph says "how unusual of you to interrupt me" to Reigns. They did do that for about 6 shows in a row. Least it made sense this time

And here comes Lesnar. Seattle pops huge for Brock

They show a girl in the crowd in an Ambrose shirt excited as hell to see Lesnar come out and kill Ambrose. Wrestling fans are fickle