Paul Heyman about to go through his usual spiel. Steph immediately interrupts. Gets nuclear heat from the crowd. Good heeling

Everyone signs quickly. Steph thinks things are done. Leaves. Carnage should soon ensue. Now Heyman talking

Huge suplex city chant. Ambrose gets in Lesnar's face. Brock launches him over the table into Reigns. F5 to Dean. Carnage did indeed ensue

Lesnar goes to leave. HHH's music hits. Stands at the top of the stage surveying a fairly high level of carnage for a 10 second altercation

Back from break with a replay of Lesnar killing everyone. I missed him throwing the table at Roman Reigns. BROCK SMASH

Dean and Roman walking backstage. Dean says he'll get Lesnar by the end of tonight. Good luck. Kevin Owens out for the opening match

Cole - "Kevin Owens renewing his rivalry with Dolph Ziggler tonight" didn't they wrestle last time I reviewed Raw two weeks ago?

Anyway, as you've gathered, it's Owens vs Ziggler. Owens opens up with a clothesline and a cannon ball in the corner.

Ziggler hasn't got a move in yet. Owens shouts at Michael Cole to shut up. Ziggler rolls him up for 2, and is then immediately clobbered

"Hey Dolph, what's funnier than you? Everything!" Owens shouts as he continues to dismantle him