Doing the career retrospective for Bryan showing old matches. Quick clip of Bryan winning the US Title back in 2010 from the Miz

Back from break with the Usos putting on face paint. The Dudleys walk in. Some comedy because no-one can tell them apart.

D-Von jokes they have the same problem. Funny. Dudleys say they should be in the tables match and try to negotiate their way in

Dudleys and Usos vs the New Day is what they're trying to get. 4 on 3 advantage babyfaces? Psychology all screwed up on tonight's show

We get a Ryback promo video. He's facing Bray Wyatt later in what will almost certainly be a bad match that ends with a DQ

Here comes Charotte, and THE NATURE BOY! We're getting a non title match next

Charotte will defend the Divas title against Brie Bella at Fastlane. I don't know who Charlotte is facing tonight though as its break time

Charlotte vs Alicia Fox. Makes sense as Foxy has been on Team Bella for a while. Brie is not at ringside though as I assume she's with Bryan

Apparently it's a rematch of a match from Smackdown. I'd beg for some fresh match ups, but I don't watch Smackdown, so it's fresh to me

We want Sasha chant goes up. Charlotte says "we want who?" She's getting quite into being a heel. Suits her much better