Winter Olympics 2018



Goooood morning everyone! Hope you're ready for some curling action this morning! It's Anna, and I've just turned on the coverage in the middle of this meeting between Switzerland and Canada, with it being 6-2 to Canada at the moment.

We'll have a mixture of coverage on today, so whatever comes on the TV, I'll cover it!

I'm glad that the commentators are re-acquainting themselves with the rules, at least I'm not the only one... Canada come flying down the ice with their stone, and knock another of the Swiss ones out. Switzerland come after it, hoping that they won't knock their own stone out of the centre, BUT THEY DO. Switzerland shakes hands, and Canada go to the top of the leaderboard.

The first gold medal has gone to Sweden in the skiing, so who'll take the next?

Elise Christie is coming up soon in the speed skating, so BBC have done a lovely montage of her to introduce it.

The full results from this morning's cross-country skiing (Ladies 7.5km and 7.5km Skiathlon) are; GOLD- Charlotte Kalla (SWE) SILVER- Marit Bjoergen (NOR) BRONZE- Krista Parmakoski (FIN)

If you do want me to cover anything specific, you can leave a comment below, and I will do my best!

BBC Red Button is giving me some Men's (Short-track) Speed Skating, so we'll go with that. Just heats to start us off.

Hamelin (CAN), Almey (BEL), Tran (USA) is the provisional line-up. Ooooh, and we have a penalty for the Italian skater, who took out another skater, so apparently that means that the skater he took out, will also go through to the semi-final!

So that's Confortola with the penalty, but they've let everyone else in the heat through! So the top three, and then Yung and Han.