Winter Olympics 2018



With the medals handed out, that will be it from me and the speed skating for today! Thank you for following along guys, I've been Anna, and I'll see you again soon!

Penalty goes to Charles Hamelin, but it doesn't change the medals. 1. Lim (KOR) with a new OR, 2.10.485 2. Knegt (NED) 3. Elistratov (OAR) ------------------------------- 4. Girard (CAN) 5. Liu (HUN) 6. De Laat (NED) 7. Fauconnet (FRA) 8. Hwang (KOR) DNF 9. Hamelin (CAN) PEN

I'll get the official results as soon as I can.

Knegt takes second place, and Elistratov in third!


A complete change now; Lim, Knegt, Elistratov Fauconnet down!

Elistratov making a move!

Girard, Hamelin, Elistratov at the start...

I just have visions of everyone falling over in this one, NINE SKATERS!

We've got some very loud music going on, as the skaters are introduced.